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The benefits of using our IRATHERM® to detoxify

Turn up the heat on restoring your health with our revolutionary IRATHERM® that uses near infrared lamps to safely heat your body’s core temperature.  In this video, Jean Monro, Environmental Naturopath, talks about the benefits of sweating out pollutants, killing bacteria, viruses and chronic infections, as well as boosting mitochondria to increase your energy.

The benefits of using our IRATHERM® to detoxify

About our IRATHERM®

At our clinic, we continue to offer sessions with the IRATHERM® – a bed with infrared lamps underneath that can significantly raise body temperature. Research has shown hyperthermia can help fight infections, eliminate toxins, and boost energy. The IRATHERM® whole-body hyperthermia bed not only raises body surface temperature, as does a sauna, but also raises body core temperature, which can have a major therapeutic effect.

Why raise body temperature?

Because heating is encouraged, there is a wide spectrum of treatment indications:

  • huge increase in metabolic rate
  • fat mobilisation
  • stimulation of the hormone system
  • stimulation of the immune system
  • enhancement of the body’s natural detoxification pathways such as respiratory, renal (kidneys), gastrointestinal and cutaneous (via the skin)
  • reduction of chronic inflammation
  • acceleration of nerve conduction
  • increased perfusion in organs and tissues
  • increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells
  • elimination of end-products of metabolism

As well, the infrared light energizes the mitochondria, leading to more available energy. Patients often report significant boosts in stamina and mental clarity after a session.

Using the IRATHERM®

Whether you’re battling a stubborn infection, want to detoxify, or simply increase your energy levels, treatments on the IRATHERM® may be worth exploring.

Read more about the IRATHERM® or contact us to discuss if it’s right for you!

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