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It is important to clear pollutants from the body as fast as possible.

Our modern world is constantly exposing us to pollutants and chemical inhalants. Apart from the standard petroleum that is burned in cars, there are varying uncontrolled levels of pesticides, plastics and perfumes in our everyday environment that can be harmful to our health. The reason why it is important to clear pollutants from the body as fast as possible is because the faster the chemicals are excreted, the less likely they are to have a lasting effect. Our existing overloaded detoxification processes can use as much help as we can give them.


Long term exposure to pollutants may lead to oxidative stress and a breakdown in the body’s own immune system. This could lead to conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and liver failure. Common symptoms which may be helped by detoxification include:

  • constipation
  • headaches
  • muscle aches
  • food allergy/sensitivity
  • weight fluctuations
  • irregular hormone fluctuations
  • skin abnormalities

Combined treatment using detoxification and other treatments can help a variety of chronic conditions.


We offer many treatments and supplements to aid in detoxification.

We will often start with a Haematology & Biochemistry Profile blood test to determine your current state of health. This test, frequently simply referred to as an H&B test, provides information on the efficiency of your body, by measuring the blood’s components, ESR levels, which help show your body’s general well-being, liver and kidney function, and can help assess immunity and the adequacy of dietary intake.

To improve clearance of chemicals through the kidneys and gut, there are various supplemented nutrients that are specifically needed by the detoxification pathways of the body.  We offer clinically-administered blood tests to provide information on the specific depleted vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, lipids, oils and essential fatty acids and will provide a programme of supplementation to increase the efficiency of the detoxification processes.

By using this method of nutritional assessment and correcting nutritional balance with a personalised programme, you can increase your protection and immunity.

I have learnt that to be well, I have to put in as much as I want to get out. I stick to a healthy diet high in protein and vegetables, I don’t drink or smoke and I take a daily cocktail of vitamin and mineral supplements to strengthen my immune system. It’s little price to pay for having both feet firmly back in the world once again, doing all the things I was unable to do for so long.”

~ Recovering CFS/ME patient

Pollutants can be cleared from the lungs with oxygen therapy and hyperthermia (which means increasing the body temperature above normal). We have the UK’s first hyperthermia infrared-A bed called the IRATHERM®1000. Elevated body temperature allows a faster turnover of activity in the body, and helps excrete the chemicals through the lungs or the skin. The right supplemented nutrients help to transform the chemicals into forms that can be excreted.

We often recommended that many patients have their amalgam fillings removed; quality dentistry and the best long-term restorations by a qualified dentist will prevent the patient from further exposure to mercury. (Breakspear Medical does not offer dental services).

Mercury is one of the most toxic materials known to man and is contained in amalgam fillings. For more information on amalgam fillings, see:

Side-Effects: Mercury Contribution to Body Burden from Dental Amalgam by JW Reinhardt, University of Iowa College of Dentistry – Source and

High prevalence of extrapyramidal signs and symptoms in a group of Italian dental technicians published in BMC Neurology 2007 – Source.

Other tips on detoxifying

  • One of the most important elements of detoxification is mineral water. “Sometimes the solution to pollution is dilution.”
  • To help the body’s immune system, eat the best foods possible and don’t skip meals.
  • Reduce the quantity of pesticides and chemicals that may be ingested by eating organic food.
  • To eradicate toxins, reduce everyday chemical pollutants by reducing the air pollution in the home by not using air fresheners, sprays and perfume.
  • Quitting smoking will instantly clear the air in house and will benefit all the occupants.
  • Removing unnecessary dirt, moulds, dust mites, unnecessary perfumes and chemicals from your home will help your body to function better.
  • Try to avoid using artificially-perfumed chemical cleaning products by using good old fashioned cleaning solutions like water and vinegar to clean glass and lemon-oil for dusting.
  • One of the most important routes for excretion is sweating. An exercise programme is important and effective in mobilising the fat into fuel, to release the fat-soluble chemicals.


For recovery from a build-up or an unexpected exposure, general improved health and/or preventative treatment, our environmental medicine team will help you to initiate a detoxifying programme, which will include pathology tests,  dietary changes, a supplemented nutritional programme and  may include hyperthermia sessions and other additional treatments.

After your first appointment, you will be given a detailed estimate, with your recommended detoxification programme in detail with all the costs, which will be explained to you by your Patient Liaison Officer.

All our consultation prices are in one place: consultation fees

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