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We know that there are many factors which can be altered to help reduce the effects of ageing. Some people believe that everyone is destined by their genetic makeup, but we can help influence our genetic function by adjusting lifestyle and environmental factors.

Maintaining good health requires obtaining a balance between genetic and environmental factors, such as nutrition, exercise and activities which stimulate mental alertness. At Breakspear Medical, we help individuals to optimise their metabolic status by comprehending the interplay of these two aspects in order to prevent age-related physical decline or cognitive impairment.

Chronological age is not the same as biological age; many biological factors can be altered to reduce chronological ageing. As part of Breakspear Medical’s healthy or anti-ageing programme, you will receive a consultation where a member of our Clinical Team will answer questions and offer advice as well as provide a personalised nutrition and supplement plan to help reduce the effects of ageing.

No matter what genes you have inherited, your body is continually undergoing complex biochemical reactions. Some of these reactions cause damage and, ultimately, ageing in your body.  We offer personalised programmes for screening for osteoporosis, cancer markers, Candida and thrush and many other conditions associated with ageing.

We can also perform screenings to identify metabolic indicators before illness has become manifest and also identify any established changes. This is followed up with advice about diet and lifestyle focused to provide the basis for a personalised, healthy ageing programme, to help restore vitality and wellbeing.

We can influence some factors to help reduce the impact of the ageing process, such as:

  • diet
  • lifestyle factors such as exercise and smoking
  • hormonal status
  • balance of nutrients, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • exposure to pollutants
  • stress

If you would like to benefit from a personalised healthy ageing programme, make an appointment  for an initial consultation with a member of our Clinical Team.

We evolved in a very different world from that which we inhabit now. Through the millennia, we lived with the earth’s circadian rhythm of daytime and night time (light and dark), and now, we spend the majority of our time indoors. To ensure that we have got proper circadian rhythms, we need to manage our lifestyles and our exposure to near-infrared light, simulating daylight, and ultraviolet light, from which we get benefits such as the manufacture of vitamin D in our skins. In darkness, we make melatonin, which can be destroyed with a single switching on of a light bulb during the night.”

Jean Monro, Environmental Naturopath

Other treatment options may include:

  • hyperthermia treatment – treatment sessions with our IRATHERM®, which provides intense infra-red sauna body-heating therapy, which can help to relieve the pain.
  • addressing stomach or digestive problems – this is commonly caused by food sensitivities and testing for these and provision of low-dose immunotherapy (LDI) will allow the correction of specific food sensitivities to help relieve pain and provide support.
  • improving gut function – recommendations will be made to optimise your gut function by balancing the microbiomes. The gut has trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi, which are collectively known as microbiome.  Some are linked to disease while others are essential for your immune system and many other aspects of health.
  • oxygen therapy – many people benefit from using an oxygen concentrator, which helps increase the oxygen levels in the blood.
  • detoxification –  lifestyle changes may be recommended to help eliminate toxins in the body, including drugs.
  • rectification of your energy cycle – the Krebs cycle is the citric acid cycle which is the main source of energy for living things. There are 10 steps in the Krebs cycle and if any of the steps are not performing as they should, there is a knockdown effect, which can cause extreme fatigue and pain.
  • redox restorative substances


Typical signs of ageing are:

  • overall decrease in energy and vitality
  • tendency to become tired quickly
  • changes in sleeping patterns, including snoring and sleep apnoea
  • weight gain
  • loss of muscle tone and strength
  • decreased libido and sexual performance
  • reduced memory
  • hair and skin changes
  • arthritis
  • loss of senses, such as hearing, smell and vibration
  • onset of chronic, degenerative disease(s)

According to the UK government statistics, there has been a steady increase in average life expectancy in recent decades and there are now half a million people in their 90s in the UK, more than two and a half times the number in 1985. By 2035, over half of adults in the UK are expected to be 50 or over. However, these increases have not been matched by an increase in healthy life expectancy so being able to stay healthy in later life is a crucial issue for us all.

We like to talk about your healthspan and help you to have a vibrant and active lifestyle for as long as possible. Whether you’re concerned about your sleep, lack of energy, or chronic diseases for example, the key to healthy ageing is knowing what’s happening in your body and then managing any issues.

Make an appointment with a member of our Clinical Team to receive your a personalised healthy ageing programme.


For those looking for support to maintain their vitality as they age, there are many supplements that may be recommended by our Clinical Team in combination to help you regain your vitality. Often supplements are used in prescribed doses, which may vary considerably from the standard, recommended doses. A wide range of herbal remedies can also help as part of the first step to working towards feeling better.



We have shared information about healthy ageing in our Medical Bulletins over the years including:

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What are the best tests to diagnose health conditions associated with ageing?

As we age, our health can become more vulnerable to a variety of conditions. To safeguard against this, it is important to understand the different areas that could potentially be affected: cardiovascular issues, neurological symptoms respiratory problems gut-related illnesses joint and muscular discomfort as well as mental wellbeing. Of particular importance when considering aging health care are measures taken for cognitive decline, such Alzheimer’s disease. With this in mind, our Clinical Team can provide information on ways to protect against cognitive decline and introduce steps you can take for prevention or management.

Does nutritional supplementation help with the symptoms of ageing?

Yes, supplementation can be an effective way to fortify individual health. However, it is essential that the supplements are tailored specifically for each person.  We can provide various tests and lifestyle assessments, which allow determinations of unique nutritional needs based on your results and medical history.  Supplementation is generally necessary in our modern era because access to fresh food has been compromised by environmental pollution and chemicals. In terms of brain health, magnesium and other minerals oils, vitamin B, vitamin D as well as Vitamin C, may all play important roles when considering supplementation options.

What else can I do to help myself age well and increase my health span?

For the best chance of healthy ageing, you have to think about your overall wellbeing. Eating fresh, nutritious meals and taking any prescribed supplements are essential. It’s equally important to increase physical activity while managing stress levels, as well as getting ample sleep each night.  (Eight hours of sleep is ideal for improved health span.) Our ant–ageing guidelines will provide you an optimal programme that can maximise longevity potentials.

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