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Breakspear Medical has treated over 25,000 patients since 1982.

Starting as a family business over 30 years ago, Breakspear Medical has earned global recognition for its contribution to the field of environmental medicine.

We have over 30 dedicated staff members including fully qualified doctors, nurses, accountants, laboratory technicians, nutritional therapists and administrative staff.

Breakspear Medical operates a clinic, which is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC registration number: C010000662) , which is the health and social care regulator for England.


At our day clinic, we employ fully qualified doctors and nurses to ensure the best treatments are given. Our entire clinical team is trained to listen, observe and treat their patients as whole, individual people. All members of this team are trained as first responders in the unlikely event of a medical emergency. The clinic has all required emergency equipment and all clinical team members receive annual refresher training for essential emergency procedures including re-certification in CPR and use of the in-house Automatic External Defibrillator.

For more information about the people who make up our clinical team, visit Our People page.


Our Pathology Department offers a variety of tests including urine and stool analysis, cervical health screening, and various blood tests including the test for measles, rubella and mumps immunity. The Pathology Department now offers all the laboratory tests that Breakspear Medical uses to patients, all registered practitioners and their patients. The tests are performed at the same reputable laboratories that we have been using for years, with the advantage of low distributor pricing.

For more information about the pathology tests available, visit our Pathology page.


Our Pharmacy provides products and services to patients and practitioners, as well as a limited selection of products to the public. Products available include high quality vitamins, minerals, various supplements, and hypoallergenic cleaners and toiletries.

LDI Laboratory

The facilities have a Manufacturer’s ‘Specials’ Licence for the manufacture of our low-dose immunotherapy (LDI) vaccines in our LDI Laboratory. In order to qualify for this licence, our manufacturing procedures and laboratory must conform to the  Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) regulations for sterility and laboratory control.

To learn more about LDI, visit our Low-dose Immunotherapy page.


We have our own on-staff nutritional therapists to help create tailor-made diets, nutritional supplement programmes and recommend lifestyle changes. As well as our team of nutritional therapists, our medical staff undertake nutritional teaching sessions for students from the University of Westminster and we run seminars covering a vast range of topics including eczema, asthma, anti-ageing, hormones and diet.

To learn more about the services that our nutritional therapists provide, visit our Nutritional Therapy page.

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