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Whether you’ve had a formal diagnosis of a condition, want a fresh approach to help manage your symptoms, or you’re not feeling quite right and need help to regain your vitality, we’re here to help you.

How we can help you

For over 40 years, Breakspear Medical been dedicated to helping people from around the world take control of their health.

Our expertise spans across a wide variety of conditions. Whether you have an official diagnosis or just feel something isn’t quite right, let us lend a hand on this journey toward better wellness.

Personalised treatment for your condition
Personalised treatment for your condition

If you have been diagnosed or believe that you may have a condition, our experienced Clinical Team specialises in providing patients with comprehensive testing services for diagnosis and personalised treatments for a wide range of conditions.

If you don’t see your condition mentioned on our Conditions page, contact us to learn how we might be able to assist.

How we treat your condition
Are you looking for a fresh approach to treating your condition?

We treat a wide variety of conditions using a unique blend of traditional and innovative medicines.

If you want to a fresh approach to treating your condition, our Clinical Team will look at your entire medical history, investigate your lifestyle and evaluate any environmental exposures in order to address all your symptoms.

Our experienced & innovative approach
Are you struggling with unexplained symptoms?

Our Clinical Team is here to help.  We can get you on the path towards better health, whether it’s through treating allergies and sensitivities or helping improve your gut health or addressing mould exposure or fungal conditions—all of which have a huge impact on how we feel every day.

Let us be part of your journey back to feeling well.

Let us improve your health

We can help you feel better.

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New to Breakspear Medical?

Are you new to our approach and private healthcare? Don’t worry! We have put together a guide for your journey and put relevant resources at your fingertips.

Patient information
Monro family
Over 40 years experience

Breakspear Medical is a family-owned clinic that has earned global recognition for its contribution to the field of environmental medicine. We have helped over 30,000 people restore and transform their wellbeing over the last 40 years.

About us
Highest quality products

Our online shop provides hand-picked products to patients, practitioners and the public. Nutritional supplements available include the highest quality vitamins and minerals, as well as homecare products such as organic and hypoallergenic household cleaners and toiletries.

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Breakspear Medical is CQC registered

Breakspear Medical is registered with the CQC. To view the latest report, visit the CQC website.

Patient information
Proud to be scent-free

We kindly request that all our patients and visitors practise ‘scent-free’ when visiting the clinic. Keeping your scent to a minimum ensures we can provide optimum health care, making sure everyone feels safe in an odourless environment.

Becoming scent-free
Patient testimonials

We are very proud that many of our patients are so passionate about the care they’ve received that they have gone above and beyond by providing glowing testimonials.  On our testimonials page, you can read their stories in our newsletter or watch their interviews on video.

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