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We are pleased to offer the services of our qualified naturopath, Jean Monro, to current patients and anyone seeking well-being advice.

Our qualified naturopath, Jean Monro, specialises in not just identifying all the symptoms, but accurately diagnosing conditions and treating patients holistically.  Her treatment plans will cover everything from investigating underlying causes, all the way through to lifestyle choices for lasting health.

Environmental naturopathy explained

Our environmental naturopath offers:

  • opinions and insights into health, to increase energy and to improve wellbeing
  • recommend investigations, if needed
  • offer personalised nutritional advice, taking into account allergy/sensitivity
  • recommendations of over-the-counter preparations, supplements and nutraceuticals

An environmental naturopathy consultation will start with obtaining a detailed history of your past and present illnesses, to be followed by a clinical evaluation, and discussion of dietary habits and preferences, review of your work and social history, sleeping patterns, and your complete history of medication and nutritional supplements. After reviewing this information and gaining an understanding of what you would like to improve, you will receive a plan outlining achievable lifestyle and dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation programme, if necessary, and recommendations of investigations to undertake where appropriate.

Anyone can book an appointment to see Jean without a referral. Should it be determined that medical intervention or a prescription medication be required, patients will be prioritised to see a member of our medical team.

For more information about our environmental naturopath, Jean, visit Clinical Team.


All our prices are in one place: Consultation fees.

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