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This statement describes our efforts to make this website accessible, what we intend to do to improve it and how we intend to maintain these standards.


  • This statement refers to the new Breakspear Medical website launched in April 2015, found at the URL
  • This statement does not apply to legacy company websites or other miscellaneous pages not yet converted to the new design. We are making accessible as much of this content as possible, by transferring it into the new website. We will not redevelop all non-standard interactive features on legacy company websites, but will implement these as useful features even if we are unable to make them fully accessible. New content will be accessible within the new site.

Standards compliance

We support the Web Accessibility Initiative and the wider cause of web standards. Our approach is to meet as high as level as we can reasonably achieve.

  • Our aim is to meet all Priority 1 requirements of the W3C WCAG 2.0. Meeting this standard is commonly known as Level A compliance.
  • We aim to meet as many Priority 2 requirements of the WCAG 2.0 as possible. Meeting this standard is commonly known as Level Double-A compliance.
  • We aim to follow best practice guidelines as directed by British Standard BS8878.
  • During the development of this site and all new works thereof, we undertake user tests to manually address level 1 and 2 checkpoints.
  • Where we are working towards requirements and/or user feedback, we will prioritize those that appear to provide the most value to the user.


We have made efforts to ensure that the website is functional across as many devices as possible.

In balancing functionality and layout, the site content may adapt to make best use of the device space. With consideration to The Internet of Things we will continue to improve the experience of users on an ongoing basis.

Assistive Technologies

This website is presented using standards-compliant markup so that your preferred speech-enabled software on your device should be able to read the content.

Help & Support

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions about the accessibility of our website, we would like to hear from you so we can make things better. Do so by sending an email to

Most of all

Enjoy your visit

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