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We are pleased to offer the services of  qualified nutritional therapists to current patients and anyone seeking nutritional advice.

Each person has unique dietary and nutritional requirements, depending, in part, on their lifestyle and environmental factors. This uniqueness, termed biochemical individuality, is thoroughly assessed by a nutritional therapist, and is an essential/integral part in formulating any nutritional programme. The use of functional tests, such as stool analysis, may also be part of the treatment to help identify imbalances in intestinal flora and evaluate other digestive parameters.

General information

The most frequently asked question is, “What can a nutritional therapy do for me?

Our nutritional therapists aim to:

  • boost energy levels
  • manage food allergies and/or intolerances
  • optimise digestion and gut health
  • manage weight
  • provide motivation and encouragement to help achieve desired goal(s)
  • safeguard against future illness (obesity, cardiovascular disease)
  • enhance immunity
  • support emotional and psychological well-being

A nutritional consultation will start with obtaining a detailed history of your past and present illnesses, include a record of dietary habits and preferences, digestive function, such as bowel habits, work and social history, sleeping patterns, and a complete history of medication and nutritional supplements. All of this is performed in a non-judgmental environment.

At the end of the nutritional consultation, you will receive a plan outlining lifestyle and dietary modifications (with recipes), nutritional supplementation programme, if necessary, and recommendations of functional tests to undertake where appropriate. Exercise may also be recommended.

The ultimate aim of the recommendations is that they should be realistic, sustainable and achievable.

For more information on each of our qualified nutritional therapists, visit Our People.


Breakspear Medical is pleased to offer nutritional therapy to patients of Breakspear Medical and anyone seeking dietary advice.

Nutritional therapy price list:

Initial consultation: £110*

Follow-up consultation (up to 30 minutes) £55*

*Breakspear Medical reserves the right to alter prices without notice – 2020.


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