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Psychological counselling can help individuals suffering from problems such as stress, depression, anger management, relationship issues, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders and many more.

Children may also be helped to manage or overcome anxieties, phobias and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

How we can help

The objective of our psychological counsellor is to help the patient by:

  • realising where the problem is coming from
  • bringing about positive change in thought processes
  • making constructive changes to a person’s daily life
  • assisting the patient to find peace of mind and a sense of control, to regain control of their life

Breakspear Medical is pleased to offer the services of a qualified psychological counsellor Daniel Segal to adults and children.

For information about our psychological counsellor, visit Our People .


Initial consultation (up to 90 minutes) £165
Follow-up session (up to 60 minutes) £110

Note: people who are interested in seeing a therapist at Breakspear Medical may book an appointment without also having a consultation with a Breakspear Medical doctor.

*Breakspear Medical reserves the right to alter prices without notice – 2019.


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