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Breakspear Medical Group Ltd (formerly known as Breakspear Hospital) was founded by Dr Jean Monro.

Dr Jean Monro started her career as a hospital doctor with a special interest in paediatrics and neurology, and moved on to general medicine. After over 60 years of practice, she decided to retire from medicine and gave up her GMC licence to practise on 25 August 2021. She now practises as an environmental naturopath at the clinic.


Dr Monro’s areas of special interest undoubtedly were influenced by her personal life. Her husband suffered migraine, coeliac disease and symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) later in life.

Her two sons have coeliac disease, and had early childhood eczema and experience migraine. Wanting to find the best treatments for her family drove her to carry out research into micro-nutrition and treatment of allergies involving thorough investigation into the chemical building blocks vital to the efficient functioning of the human body.

The Eighties

In 1982, Dr Monro opened her own clinic at the Nightingale Hospital in Lisson Grove. By 1987, Dr Monro was able to move to Breakspear College in Abbotts Langley. (The building was renamed after Nicholas Breakspear, who was the only Englishman ever to become Pope in Rome.) The business has retained the name of these former premises.


Today Breakspear Medical is located at Hertfordshire House, in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England HP2 4FD. The business has expanded to include a registered day clinic, Pathology Department, Pharmacy, Nutritional Therapy, licenced laboratory and an extensive medical resource library.

Visit our webpage about us and Clinical Team for more information about our people.

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