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Our Clinical Team is dedicated to finding the cause of your condition and providing you with a personalised treatment programme. We believe in treating all possible root causes, not just the symptoms presenting, which sets us apart from traditional medical practice. Our Clinical Team will take every factor into account when formulating your health plan.

Please note: at this time, our Clinical Team is only seeing patients over the age of 18 years of age.

Allergies and environmental illnesses can have far-reaching implications. Everything from food to chemicals, perfume or smoke could be affecting your health. We can offer ways to manage them effectively to get back control over your life.

Through accredited laboratory tests, we can find the numerous reasons behind your rheumatoid arthritis and its accompanying deficiencies, which will help us develop a treatment plant to manage it better.

Allergies and sensitivities are often the root causes of asthma. We can do some detective work to uncover which allergens could be affecting you and provide allergy/sensitivity treatment to help you find relief.

Living with chronic pain is debilitating and impacts your life in many ways. Let us help you to discover the cause of your discomfort, and create an action plan tailored for long-term relief to improve your quality of life.

Our goal is to help identify what’s triggering your eczema so as to eliminate or reduce it. While a customised approach may take more time than traditional methods of treatment, our Clinical Team will work diligently towards finding an effective solution to relieve your discomfort.

Electrical sensitivity affects at least 1 in 1,000 of the population. Almost all electrically sensitive people are also sufferers from food and/or chemical allergies/sensitivities. By addressing those factors, as well as treating deficiencies, we can help those with electrical sensitivity.

Our treatment programmes for fibromyalgia are developed on a case-by-case basis, using non-evasive and sometimes invasive investigations, which will help determine your current health and nutritional status to determine the choice of treatment options.

When the trillions of microorganisms in our gut become unbalanced, it can lead to serious abdominal problems and other conditions. Our Clinical Team will take a pro-active approach when it comes to assessing a your gut health and devising a treatment plan to rebalance the microbiome, restore digestive health and prevent future problems.

Hay fever is a modern common allergic condition, also referred to as allergic rhinitis. Hay fever was first described at the beginning…

Maintaining good health requires obtaining a balance between genetic and environmental factors, such as nutrition, exercise and activities which stimulate mental alertness. We can help you to optimise your metabolic status to prevent age-related physical decline or cognitive impairment.

Today’s western diet and frequent repetition of the same foods may all contribute to IBS. Along with ruling out any other conditions, developing a better understanding of IBS and addressing dietary and nutritional needs, our Clinical Team can provide a treatment plan to help to ease the symptoms.

For those unfamiliar with Lyme disease, it can be tricky to diagnose because the symptoms are similar to many other conditions. Our Clinical Team has helped thousands of Lyme patients receive the treatment they need.

With ME/CFS, we start by developing a clearer picture of your condition, which involves ME/CFS-specific questionnaires, and use accredited laboratory tests in order to provide you with the best treatment programme.

Migraines can have a debilitating effect on daily life. Our goal is to dramatically reduce migraine occurrences so that the need for drugs becomes redundant and you can start living life without hindrance.

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a condition whose precise workings remain elusive, but with many years of experience treating MCS, we do have an idea of what’s causing it.

For individuals living with MS, we offer customised investigations and treatment programmes to help you to reduce flare-ups and maintain lasting control over it.

Our pet allergy treatment programme varies greatly from traditional treatments, which rely on the use of antihistamines, steroids and decongestants. We treat allergy, intolerance and sensitivity by using low-dose immunotherapy (LDI).

Our goal is to offer both relief and an improved quality of life for those suffering from post-viral syndrome. Rather than treating only symptoms, we focus on identifying root causes in order to put patients on a path towards recovery.

We understand that trying to lose weight is not easy and we will try to help you in every way we can. We offer a weight loss programme with medical supervision and advice, state-of-the-art tools to aid in metabolism-boosting, and a support system of nutritional experts.

Whether you have a grain intolerance or coeliac disease, our Clinical Team can help you with dietary changes, which will involve learning about hidden grains and foods that have a similar DNA which can cause a similar reaction, as well as advising on nutritional supplementation and addressing other allergies/sensitivities.

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