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The Load Phenomenon visualised

Think of the body as having to reach a threshold above which symptoms occur. This threshold is not fixed and can be lowered by stress, infection and general factors such as lack of sleep. To reach the threshold, the effects are cumulative as the body interacts with environmental agents. Once the threshold is reached, symptoms will be produced and this is what we call the Load Phenomenon.

The Load Phenomenon can be likened to a scale, where the ‘load’ of external and internal factors impact upon a person’s threshold of well-being. The greater the load, the lower the threshold of a person’s immune system and the greater the likelihood of chronic and acute reactions. There’s is no ‘normal’ threshold, as everybody reacts differently, and we are all under a different range of stresses.

Loads include things like indoor and outdoor air pollution, impure water and food. If a person is sensitive to certain foods and chemicals in the environment, the threshold is swiftly reached and symptoms produced. However, if a person has few stresses, plenty of exercise, ample sleep and no infection, despite their encountering items to which they are sensitive, their threshold may not be reached.

  • Perfume/scent/fragrance can be burdening the body of both the person wearing it and anyone near them.
  • Controlling environmental illness can be a challenge requiring patience and persistence. The goal is to buy the body time to heal by avoiding chronic and acute reaction.
  • Becoming scent-free is an easy step to help with treatment of environmental illness.

The Clinical Team at Breakspear Medical can help lighten your load. Arrange a consultation to discuss your specific symptoms and concerns, and you will then receive a personalised plan to strengthen your immune system and reduce your symptoms, in order to improve your health.

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