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Our Clinical Team is  dedicated to finding the cause of your condition and providing you with a tailored treatment programme. We believe in treating all possible root causes, not just the symptoms presenting, which sets us apart from traditional medical practice. Our Clinical Team will take every factor into account when formulating your health plan.

As Breakspear Medical is a day patient clinic, for out-of-town patients, we offer 2 shared apartments and a one-bedroom apartment for short-term let to patients and their companions (minimum stay of two nights).

We specialise in the treatment of allergy/sensitivity and environmental illness using the proven technique of allergen-specific low-dose immunotherapy (LDI).

Our Clinical Team is a distinguished group of qualified professionals, each providing their own knowledge and experience to help our patients.

Our Clinical Team may recommend changes in diet, nutritional supplements and hyperthermia treatments on our IRATHERM bed as part of a successful detoxification programme.

Our qualified naturopath, Jean Monro, will create a treatment plan for you that will cover everything from investigating underlying causes, all the way through to lifestyle choices for lasting health.

The IRATHERM® whole-body hyperthermia bed not only raises body surface temperature, as does a sauna, but also raises body core temperature, which can have a major therapeutic effect to help a variety of conditions.

We offer a wide variety of vaccinations for children and adults to cover everyone for school, business and international travel requirements.

Our Registered Nutritional Therapist, Gabrielle Hyland, will examine your lifestyle and dietary habits to craft an individualised healthy diet and supplement programme that fits in with your life to improve your health and well being.

Our Pathology Department is the busy central hub for outgoing laboratory samples and incoming results. We offer a variety of investigations for gut dysbiotic infections, coincidental illnesses and viruses, and nutritional analysis and many other pathology tests.

Offering only high quality products Our onsite Pharmacy offers only high quality supplements, which are more suitable for sensitive and…

Breakspear Medical is proud to offer the professional counselling services of Daniel Segal, BA Psychology, MSc Mental Health Counseling.  Anyone…

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