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Ageing with vitality starts with proactive care

As we get older, we become more vulnerable to health issues, such as cardiovascular problems, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal illnesses, joint pain, and cognitive decline. At Breakspear Medical, we take a personalised approach to healthy ageing. 

Troubles sleeping? It could impact your brain health

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it could impact your brain health in the coming years.

New research shows that insomnia and difficulty falling asleep are linked to poorer memory and cognitive function as we age.  (Medscape article 9 March 2023) This means getting quality sleep today could help protect your mind tomorrow. At Breakspear Medical, we take sleep seriously. We partner with sleep specialists to assess sleep issues and provide personalised guidance to help you rest easy. A good night’s sleep is one way to be proactive about cognitive health.

H Pylori infection linked to increased Alzheimer’s risk

A large and lengthy population-based study that was published late last year found that patients aged 50 years or older with clinically apparent Helicobacter pylori infection (CAHPI) have an 11% increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease.  (Medscape 28 December 2023) It’s common to have a H. pylori infection and it’s usually harmless for most people.  Sometimes it causes ulcers in the stomach (gastric ulcer) or in the duodenum (duodenal ulcer).

At Breakspear Medical, we can test for factors like H. pylori infection, which is associated with increased Alzheimer’s risk. If discovered early, we can treat it with a standard protocol of triple therapy or for those who are intolerant of antibiotics, we can use alternative treatments, and potentially halt cognitive decline.

Helping you age gracefully

A healthy brain starts with the basics: good sleep, nutrition, exercise, and preventative care. Our Clinical team looks at the whole picture to create a personalised plan.  Our personalised healthy ageing programmes include ways to help you sleep and think better.

More information

Visit our Healthy Ageing section for more information or book an appointment with a member of our Clinical Team.

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