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Environmental naturopathy

For over 30 years, Breakspear Medical has had the objective of treating patients with allergy and environmental illnesses. Our aim is to: identify the symptoms diagnose the condition address the causes treat the whole person We are pleased to offer…

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Our Pharmacy offers only high quality supplements, which are more suitable for sensitive and allergic patients than standard store-bought products. The products we offer have been carefully selected for their specific concentrations, particular bulking agents and limited additives.

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Our Pathology Department is the busy central hub for outgoing laboratory samples and incoming results. Breakspear Medical’s doctors routinely recommend a variety of investigations for gut dysbiotic infections, coincidental illnesses and viruses, and nutritional analysis. Most of the investigations that…

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Nutritional therapy

We are pleased to offer the services of  qualified nutritional therapists to current patients and anyone seeking nutritional advice. Each person has unique dietary and nutritional requirements, depending, in part, on their lifestyle and environmental factors. This uniqueness, termed biochemical…

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Low-dose immunotherapy

We specialise in the treatment of allergy and environmental illness using the proven technique of allergen-specific low-dose immunotherapy (LDI). If you’re currently a patient of Breakspear Medical and wish to re-order your LDI vaccines, see section below: How to re-order The technique of low-dose…

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We believe it is important to immunise. Our Immunisation Department provides a wide variety of vaccinations for children and adults to cover everyone for school, business and international travel requirements. Single measles & rubella As there are limited options available…

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As Breakspear Medical’s clinic is a day patient unit, out-of-town patients receiving treatment may wish to stay overnight in the Hemel Hempstead area. We currently offer two shared apartments and a one-bedroom apartment for short-term let to patients and their…

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