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The benefits of sweating profusely

Sweating and the mobilisation of toxins in the fat and circulation bring about detoxification. 

Excerpt from Breakspear Medical Bulletin Issue 43:

The benefits

Perspiration (sweat) is the body’s way of regulating heat, managing sodium and detoxifying. More and more scientific evidence is being published which shows that perspiration is important for detoxifying the body of manmade materials.

A published study from the University of Calgary, Canada, was looking at the accumulation of PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ether) in the body. PBDEs are manmade fire retardants which are used in products such as building materials, furniture and textiles. This study adds strength to the belief that sweating is good for detoxification of manmade materials from the body.

Sweating is good

The study was looking at five PBDE congeners (congeners are elements of the same compound group) and the researchers found that none of these five were found in the participants’ urine samples. Taking that into account, their study focussed on the PBDE levels in blood and perspiration.

The conclusion was that although blood is commonly used for testing PBDE body burdens, it was evident that perspiration aids in excretion of all five common PBDE congeners. The study did not make any conclusions with respect to the ratio of the pollutant load on the body based on the quantities in the perspiration excreted.

While sauna has been used for thousands of years as a detoxifying method, there are other ways of inducing perspiration. Standard saunas heat the exterior body temperature, only slightly raising internal temperatures, while whole-body hyperthermia, using the IRATHERM®1000, increases the body’s core temperature safely and quickly, which provides a more intense experience. It induces a controlled, mild to moderate fever state that dramatically increases the metabolic rate, increasing the turnover of fluids in the tissues and provoking a mild involuntary cardiovascular workout.

Breakspear Medical offers whole-body hyperthermia

Breakspear Medical is the first facility in the UK to offer infrared A whole-body hyperthermia sessions, using the IRATHERM®1000.

During the session, the individual lies on a tension net, like a hammock, which is suspended over the source of the heat. During the therapy session the person’s temperature, oxygen saturation and pulse are monitored, and the individual is observed by clinical staff.

Visit our Hyperthermia page for more information on this service, which is available to book Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.


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