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Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a condition whose precise workings remain elusive, but with many years of experience treating MCS, we do have an idea of what’s causing it.

Healthy ageing

Maintaining good health requires obtaining a balance between genetic and environmental factors, such as nutrition, exercise and activities which stimulate mental alertness. We can help you to optimise your metabolic status to prevent age-related physical decline or cognitive impairment.


Migraines can have a debilitating effect on daily life. Our goal is to dramatically reduce migraine occurrences so that the need for drugs becomes redundant and you can start living life without hindrance.


Our goal is to help identify what’s triggering your eczema so as to eliminate or reduce it. While a customised approach may take more time than traditional methods of treatment, our Clinical Team will work diligently towards finding an effective solution to relieve your discomfort.


With ME/CFS, we start by developing a clearer picture of your condition, which involves ME/CFS-specific questionnaires, and use accredited laboratory tests in order to provide you with the best treatment programme.

Post-viral fatigue

Our goal is to offer both relief and an improved quality of life for those suffering from post-viral syndrome. Rather than treating only symptoms, we focus on identifying root causes in order to put patients on a path towards recovery.


Allergies and sensitivities are often the root causes of asthma. We can do some detective work to uncover which allergens could be affecting you and provide allergy/sensitivity treatment to help you find relief.

Lyme disease/chronic borreliosis

For those unfamiliar with Lyme disease, it can be tricky to diagnose because the symptoms are similar to many other conditions. Our Clinical Team has helped thousands of Lyme patients receive the treatment they need.

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