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Gut health

When the trillions of microorganisms in our gut become unbalanced, it can lead to serious abdominal problems and other conditions. Our Clinical Team will take a pro-active approach when it comes to assessing a your gut health and devising a treatment plan to rebalance the microbiome, restore digestive health and prevent future problems.

Chronic pain

Living with chronic pain is debilitating and impacts your life in many ways. Let us help you to discover the cause of your discomfort, and create an action plan tailored for long-term relief to improve your quality of life.

Allergy & environmental illness

Allergies and environmental illnesses can have far-reaching implications. Everything from food to chemicals, perfume or smoke could be affecting your health. We can offer ways to manage them effectively to get back control over your life.

Wheat intolerance & coeliac disease

Whether you have a grain intolerance or coeliac disease, our Clinical Team can help you with dietary changes, which will involve learning about hidden grains and foods that have a similar DNA which can cause a similar reaction, as well as advising on nutritional supplementation and addressing other allergies/sensitivities.

Weight loss

We understand that trying to lose weight is not easy and we will try to help you in every way we can. We offer a weight loss programme with medical supervision and advice, state-of-the-art tools to aid in metabolism-boosting, and a support system of nutritional experts.

Pet allergy

Our pet allergy treatment programme varies greatly from traditional treatments, which rely on the use of antihistamines, steroids and decongestants. We treat allergy, intolerance and sensitivity by using low-dose immunotherapy (LDI).

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

For individuals living with MS, we offer customised investigations and treatment programmes to help you to reduce flare-ups and maintain lasting control over it.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Today’s western diet and frequent repetition of the same foods may all contribute to IBS. Along with ruling out any other conditions, developing a better understanding of IBS and addressing dietary and nutritional needs, our Clinical Team can provide a treatment plan to help to ease the symptoms.

Hay fever

Hay fever is a modern common allergic condition, also referred to as allergic rhinitis. Hay fever was first described at the beginning…


Our treatment programmes for fibromyalgia are developed on a case-by-case basis, using non-evasive and sometimes invasive investigations, which will help determine your current health and nutritional status to determine the choice of treatment options.

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