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“So, thanks to an Italian doctor I trust who told me about Breakspear Medical, I came here and today I can say that thanks to them my life has improved a lot! I came back to be a sportsman, something I hadn’t been able to do anymore.”

– Carlo Calcagni, MCS sufferer

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Recovery stories

Georgie Windsor

writes of her diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & raising awareness (cover)

Issue 50 (Spring/Summer 2021)

Dafila Scott

recovered from pain & fatigue to take the journey of a lifetime (cover)

Issue 49 (Autumn/Winter2020)

Francesco Cenci

shares how LDI has helped him live his life to the fullest with MCS (cover)

Issue 48 (Spring/Summer 2020)

Emma Franklin

talks about living with her chronic illness (cover)

Issue 47 (Autumn/Winter 2019)

Julie Anne Goode

tells us her story of environmental health issues (cover)

Issue 46 (Spring/Summer 2019)

Carol Mitchell-Lisle

shares her story of discovering her life-changing condition (cover)

Issue 45 (Autumn/Winter 2018)

Gemma Harborne

tells of her recovery from Lyme disease (cover)

Issue 44 (Spring/Summer 2018)

Morven-May MacCallum

writes of recovery from Lyme disease (cover)

Issue 43 (Autumn/Winter 2017)


tells of her life-changing diagnosis (cover)

Issue 42 (Spring/Summer 2017)

Laura Cook

shares her story of recovery from ME/CFS (cover)

Issue 41 (Autumn/Winter 2016)

Carlo Calcagni

this Italian Paralympic athlete tells of his competitive life with MCS (cover)

Issue 40 (Spring/Summer 2016)

Carlene Barry

writes of her experience with ME/CFS (cover)

Issue 39 (Summer 2015)

Melissa Smith

let Horse magazine know about Lyme disease (p.9)

Issue 38 (Spring 2015)

Con Derham

talks about coming back after Lyme disease (cover)

Issue 35 (Autumn/Winter 2013)

Lucy Bulmer

tells Horse & Hound about her recovery (cover)

Issue 34 (Summer 2013)

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Visit our YouTube Channel to see Lyme disease sufferer Valerie Barr’s personal story of finding a doctor who found out what was wrong with her.

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