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Regular updates and notes from our medical clinic and the world of environmental medicine.


We are very proud that many of our patients are so passionate about the care they’ve received that they have gone above and beyond by providing glowing testimonial here.


If you have a question of us that is not shown on our FAQ page, please get in touch and ask directly.

Published medical papers

This is a collection of links to published medical papers written by our doctors or colleagues that you might be interested in reading.

Breakspear Medical Bulletin

For over 20 years, we’ve been publishing the Breakspear Medical Bulletin for the promotion of environmental medicine awareness and what we do. All issues are available here online.

The Load Phenomenon

Our bodies have a limit. When we get too much stress, sickness, and not enough sleep, our limit goes lower. Environmental things, such as polluted air or contaminated water, can also move us closer to reaching our limit. The impact of our lifestyle and environment negatively affecting our health is called the Load Phenomenon.

Becoming scent-free

We kindly request that all our patients and visitors practice ‘scent-free’ when visiting the clinic. Learn how to keep your scent to a minimum to ensure we can provide optimum health care by making sure everyone feels safe in an odourless environment.

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