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To make your visits to Breakspear Medical as stress-free as possible, this section has all the important information new patients require prior to their first appointment.

We have a dedicated Patient Liaison Team who will help patients through all our processes and find the answer to all questions.


Breakspear Medical is proud to be scent-free.

Booking an appointment

To book a consultation with a doctor at Breakspear Medical, simply call +44 (0)1442 261 333 to speak with a member of our Patient Liaison Team.  They will provide you with all the information you need to arrange your consultation and answer any questions you may have.

Initial consultation with doctor: £240 (a typical initial consultation may take up to 90 minutes).

Follow-up consultation with doctor: 30 minute follow-up: £120. (If a consultation extends more than the pre-booked time, additional charges will be applied in intervals of 15 minute intervals.).

Initial nutritional consultation: £110 (a typical initial consultation may take up to 90 minutes).

Follow-up consultation with nutritional therapist: £55 (30 minute follow-up).

If, for any reason, you are unable to keep an appointment, Breakspear Medical requests notification at least 24 hours in advance, in order that another patient (on the waiting list) can be offered the appointment and that staff time is used efficiently. (In common with other practices, we reserve the right to charge a fee for a missed appointment, unless adequate notice is given.)

Questionnaires & forms

After you have booked your appointment, you will receive an email and/or letter with all the necessary forms and questionnaires to complete prior to your appointment.

Please note: forms are different for patients under the age of 16 and require parental/legal guardian consent.

Costs & payment methods

As treatment programmes vary patient to patient, there is just a general basic price list above, under ‘Booking an appointment’. Our staff will explain all of the charges to you and you will be given printed estimates before any fees are incurred.

Your initial consultation must be paid for on the day of your visit. After your initial consultation, a treatment programme will be drawn up on the patient management sheet.

Our Patient Liaison staff will carefully explain all of the clinic’s charges to you and you will be given printed estimates before any fees are incurred. If you have any specific questions regarding prices, estimates and treatment programmes, please contact one of our Patient Liaison Officers, by phone 01442 261 333 or email:

Patients attending Breakspear Medical are responsible for the settlement of their own accounts. For those patients with private health insurance, it is important to note that we do not have direct settlement agreements with the insurance companies. Our contract is with you, the patient, and we expect you to settle our accounts on receipt of invoice. The simplest way to settle your bill is to provide us with your credit/debit card details when you arrive for your appointment (please note: we do not accept cheques or American Express). Fee consent forms have to be completed and signed by every patient, or the party taking responsibility for covering the costs of the patient’s treatment before the costs are incurred. You will receive a detailed invoice soon after your visit and your card will then be charged.

Queries regarding any charges will be resolved with you forthwith. For patients attending for longer periods, we will raise invoices at regular intervals and charge accordingly. If you do not provide us with your credit/debit card details you will be expected to pay your entire bill before you leave, and if you are attending for longer courses of treatment, 50% of the estimated cost must be paid in advance, the balance to be settled before you leave.

To adhere to national healthcare regulations, Breakspear Medical has a policy which requires patients receiving prescriptions to attend an in-person follow-up consultation at least every 12 months. This visit ensures that the patient’s progress is monitored and reviewed, providing the opportunity to make adjustments, and/or address additional symptoms or new conditions, if required.

If more than 12 months have passed since the last consultation, the next consultation will be booked and charged as a “new patient consultation”, which necessitates additional time and further expense for the patient. In order to renew prescriptions and/or order nutritional products, patients must meet the annual consultation requirement. Prescriptions cannot be processed if more than 12 months pass without a patient attending a consultation.

Language services

All staff at Breakspear Medical speak English fluently. Patients who require a translator while at the clinic must arrange and pay for their own interpreter.

Note: it is inappropriate for an underage child to translate on behalf of a parent or for fellow, unrelated patients to translate.

What to bring

For your initial consultation, please don’t use perfume, aftershave or any scented toiletries, including standard makeup, and remember to wash and dry your clothes with unscented laundry products. For more information on our scent-free guidelines, visit our Resources section. Please bring any test results or other information you wish to share with your doctor.

If you are returning to Breakspear Medical for allergy/sensitivity testing (low-dose immunotherapy, also known as LDI) please wear tops with short sleeves and preferably wear cotton clothes which have been washed in unscented washing materials such as bicarbonate of soda. If you are taking any drugs or medicines, please bring them with you and, upon your arrival, show them to the nurse in charge.


To find out where exactly Breakspear Medical is located and the address, go to our Contact us page.

Arriving at the clinic

When you arrive at Breakspear Medical, please report to the front desk and a member of the Patient Liaison Team will assist you with the formalities of admission.

If you are coming to see a doctor, a member of staff will direct you to the appropriate consultation room when available. If you have not been shown to a consulting room within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, please inform Patient Liaison.

Carers, partners, children & visitors

We do request that anyone coming to Breakspear Medical adhere to our no scent policy.

We will try our best to make partners and carers feel welcome and involve them in your care as much as you wish. If you wish to bring your carer, partner or relative, children or any other visitors, please inform Patient Liaison when you are booking the appointments.

For visitors to be permitted in the Testing Ward without prior arrangement, you will have to speak with the nurse in charge.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. This is for the benefit of all patients and to avoid disturbance in the Testing Ward.


Tea, coffee, herbal tea and filtered water are available in the patients’ dining room.

Personal property

Breakspear Medical cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to property of any description brought onto the site. We recommend that you do not bring articles of value with you. If this is unavoidable, such articles may be deposited with the Accounts Department, where you will be issued with a receipt.

Building Access

Wheelchair access is by the front door of the building. Primary treatment areas are all on the ground floor of the building.

For disabled patients staying at the apartments, special arrangements will need to be made by the patient if extra nursing is needed. Alternatively, a carer may accompany the patient.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the facilities or the apartments.

Fire procedures

Once per week, the fire alarm is tested. Staff will be aware that it is a test.

In the event that the alarm sounds continuously while you are at Breakspear Medical or if a member of staff advises you that it is not a drill, you should evacuate the building. Please leave all your belongings in the building, and walk calmly to the exit to which you will be shown. All patients/guests should assemble in the car park near the entrance to the car park and should remain there until advised that it is safe to re-enter the building.

* Breakspear Medical reserves the right to alter prices without notice. These prices were correct at the time publishing; however, prices may vary for various doctors. Please confirm with Patient Liaison when booking your appointment – 2019.

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