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There are many factors can be altered to reduce the effects of ageing.

Some people believe that everyone is destined by their genetic makeup, but we can influence our genetic function by adjusting lifestyle and environmental factors. Chronological age is not the same as biological age; many biological factors can be altered to reduce chronological ageing.


Typical signs of ageing are:

  • overall decrease in energy and vigour
  • tendency to become tired quickly
  • changes in sleeping patterns, including snoring and sleep apnoea
  • weight gain
  • loss of muscle tone and strength (sarcopenia)
  • decreased libido and sexual performance
  • reduced memory
  • hair and skin changes
  • arthritis
  • loss of senses, such as hearing, smell and vibration
  • onset of chronic, degenerative disease

Identifying the causes

As we get older, of course there are expected changes in the body, however, we can influence the ageing process by making changes to diet, lifestyle, hormones and environment.

We offer personalised programmes for screening for cancer markers, Candida and thrush and many other problems associated with ageing.

One staggering statistic is that one in three women will get osteoporosis. It is a silent thief of bones which does not just start in old age. Osteoporosis can cause severe fractures, killing more woman than cervical and ovarian cancer combined. Osteoporosis can be prevented by maintaining healthy levels of calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D and other essentials, checking nutritional status, hormone status and assessing activity levels.


As part of Breakspear Medical’s anti-ageing programme, you will receive a consultation where the doctor will offer answer questions and offer advice as well as provide a personalised nutrition and supplement plan to help reduce the effects of ageing.

We can also perform screenings to identify metabolic indicators before illness has become manifest and also identify any established changes. This is followed up with advice about diet and lifestyle focused to provide the basis for a personalised programme to restore health and well being. We can influence some factors to reduce ageing, such as:

  • diet
  • lifestyle factors such as exercise and smoking
  • hormonal status
  • balance of nutrients, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • exposure to pollutants
  • stress

The anti-ageing benefits of growth hormones include:

  • enhanced immune function
  • loss of fat
  • increased muscle tone and strength
  • increased cardiac output
  • improved sexual performance
  • decreased wrinkling
  • improved memory
  • prevention of chronic, degenerative disease


Breakspear Medical treats each patient individually, which means that there is no standard treatment programme for anti-ageing at a set price.  After your first appointment, you will be given a detailed estimate, with your recommended treatment programme in detail with all the costs, which will be explained to you by your Patient Liaison Officer.  On the day of your appointment or anytime afterward, if you have any specific questions regarding prices, estimates and treatment programmes, please contact a Patient Liaison Officer, by phone 01442 261 333 or email:

If you wish to download an e-info sheet on this topic, visit our Resources > Info Sheets.


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