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The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology printed a summary report in July 2007 which stated in its recommendations, "... immunotherapy can prevent a symptomatic allergic response for many years, and may prevent the development of additional allergic conditions..." 

To view the full Select Committee Sixth Report, visit the Parliaments Publications and Records website.

House of Lords

If you have food allergies or sensitivities, you’ll know that ensuring you consistently eat healthy balanced meals is very difficult.

Allergies and sensitivities to perfumes, chemicals, cigarettes, and other inhalants can turn any outing into a nightmare.

Breakspear Medical Group has been specialising in allergy and environmental medicine for over 25 years. We employ fully qualified doctors and nurses to ensure the best treatments are given.

The treatment of allergy, intolerance and sensitivity using the technique of low-dose

immunotherapy is one of Breakspear Medical Group’s areas of expertise. The technique is entirely safe in our experienced hands, and employs intradermal skin tests and regular low-dose desensitisation treatment. To understand how the low-dose immunotherapy antigen vaccines work, click here.

The result of our low-dose immunotherapy is that many of our patients can eat and enjoy foods that previously caused them discomfort and be exposed to inhalants, which previously caused serious reactions.

Allergy magazine article

Allergy magazine featured an allergy promotion on Breakpear's allergy treatments and services.


After the patient’s initial consultation with a doctor, specially trained nurses start allergy and sensitivity testing and may advise on which substances to test, in the light of the doctor's recommendations and treatment plan.

The time required for allergy and sensitivity testing depends on the number of items tested and how sensitive a patient is. Usually the broader the range of allergies and sensitivities covered, the better the results. Patients will require varying amounts of allergy/sensitivity testing time, as the programme provides individualised therapy.

We use a holistic approach to treatment and avoid drug therapy programmes where

possible. We carefully examine our patient’s diet, living and working environment, and life experiences to create recommendations to provide our patients with a better life. We provide dietary and nutritional supplementation recommendations formulated on an individual bases in addition to our allergy/sensitivity desensitisation programme.

We strive to help our patients build stronger immune systems, which will help them gain control of their allergies and sensitivities.

The antigen vaccines which are part of the allergy programme help to stabilise the responses of the body when exposed to provoking foods, chemicals or inhalants, and have no deleterious effects on thinking or concentrating abilities. This is also the first-line treatment of allergy by members of the American Academy of Otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat doctors).

Breakspear Medical Group has been using this technique of low-dose immunotherapy for the treatment of allergies and sensitivities for over two decades. Our staff is thoroughly trained in the testing methods and we manufacture the allergy vaccines on site in our licensed facilities.

All members of Breakspear’s medical team are trained as first responders in the unlikely event of a medical emergency. The clinic has all required emergency equipment and all clinical team members receive annual refresher training for essential emergency procedures including re-certification in CPR and use of the clinic’s Automatic External Defibrillator. It is also Breakspear Medical Group’s strict policy not to conduct any clinical procedures without the supervision of an appropriate physician.

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